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Hello, looking for advice on food obsessed cats

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My name is Bonnie and I have 3 lovely cats and 1 smushed faced French Bulldog. I joined the forum in search of some behavior advice for 2 of my cats who are obsessed with food and who have started to band together to overtake my kitchen.

My male 3 year old cat, Biggie, is obsessed with eating. He whines and carries on while we prepare food. He jumps on the counter and steals the food as we prepare it. We feed him separately from the other 2 cats in the house. Unfortunately our youngest cat, Mimi, (2 yr old female) has now started exhibiting the same behaviors. They try to steal food from the table as you eat, jump into the sink to eat any scraps after we do the dishes. Get on the stove to lick pots and pans. It's becoming unbearable because we are constantly chasing them around to get them down off the counter/table/sink. We've tried spraying them with water and while it gets them to stop what they are doing in that instant they just go straight back to the behavior a few minutes later. They are eating BFF salmon and tuna wet food. It's high quality so I don't think it's the food. Nothing has changed in the house to trigger the behavior. Biggie has been doing it since he was young but it has gotten worse over time. Biggie was found on the street as a kitten so I'm sure this contributes to the problem. Our third cat in the house, Sid, (female, 8 yrs) doesn't exhibit any of these behaviors. Does anyone have suggestions for behavior modifications that might help me keep my sanity?
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I don't really have any advice, other than that one of my cats does the same thing! Since my older cat got sick, the younger one is now jumping on the counters a lot and begging for food. It drives me crazy. She just started doing it though so I think it is because she feels more dominance now that she's top cat?
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