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I'm a new member. I have two cats, Pretty Kitty who I inherited from my Mom (God Rest Her Soul), and Friday who I adopted from my sister (he was one of a litter from a stray who has since been spayed).
Actually, Pretty Kitty is my husband's cat. She adopted him the first night at our home, even though she disliked every other man she ever met....... go figure. She cries for him if he leaves, sleeps either on his pillow or at his feet, and lays on the arm of the sofa beside him with her paw on his leg. She simply adores him.
Friday is MY boy, through and through. Currently 5 months old he meets me at the door, lays on my lap, cries outside the bathroom door and is my comfort when I am sick or sad.
Thank you for the privilege of being a member of your group!
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