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My name is Stephanie. I live with my boyfriend of 7yrs and 2 very spoiled cats. Bella is your typical domestic shorthair which my boyfriend and I took in in from off the streets. She is 2yrs old and has the cutiest little meow ever. Then there is Zeus our trouble making savannah. We adopted Zeus last year from a wonderful breeder in California. He is just a little over a year and definitely acts like he rules the roost. I am a firm believer in feeding my cats a raw food diet so if anyone has any questions please let me know.
What brought me to the site today is to find some answers about why my baby Bella is using the bathroom in other places then her litterbox and to hopefully get some suggestions that will nip it in the butt.
Well I look forward to meeting those who stumble across me and hope I can be of some help to someone else.
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