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Greetings all.
Kittybob and Bill live in Pearland Texas.
Kittybob is 13 and the boss here.
Bill is 56 and is submissive to the boss.
Bill met Kittybob at a shelter 6 years old.
He had been trapped and was there about a month and was 7 years old.
Bill thought it was time to get him out of there.
Older cats don't get adopted.
Kittybob likes sleeping, eating, playing outside and loves cat nip.
He loves raw shrimp and chicken. Bill washes it well before.
Kittbob also LOVES Bill's big muscle vibrator. He wants a massage every night.
Bill is single and retired and plays on his ham radio and computer.
Kittybob has been a very good friend to him.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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