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hi there, welcome to the forums! hope you enjoy your stay! :)

the best cat foods out there right now are the holistic (natural) foods ie. wellness, natural balance, wysong and i believe chicken soup for the cat lover's soul is if i'm not mistaken.

the usual clumping cat litter is still quite popular, so are these new "natural" and "flushable" types. make sure to read the labels first to make sure if it is flushable. i've heard a lot of people talking about "swheat scoop" as well as "world's best cat litter," the swheat scoop is a cat litter made from 100% natural wheat that is flushable. the only bad thing i've ehard about it is that it tells you to spray some sort of non stick spray (pam) onto it to make it not stick, yet it still does. i've only heard good things about "world's best cat litter" but i also heard it's a bit pricey.

hope this at least partially answers your questions. :lol:
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