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Hello There!

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Hi everyone,

My name is Danielle, 24, from Ohio. Currently I'm catless for the first time in my life. I had 5 growing up and my husband had one when we moved in together. Our 7-year-old black and white, Sakura, passed last week from a very short battle with kidney failure.

We are talking to a foster family about taking in the fabulously named Kitten McNugget, a year old ginger and white male. We're supposed to all meet this week. :)

Looking forward to meeting everyone here, too!
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hello golden lily

so sorry to hear about your poor sakura. sounds like you've been through a lot of tough times with so many kitties in your past. i hope they weren't all such sudden losses. i'm glad that you are opening your home and heart again to another kitty who needs your love now. it is so true what they say about love. the more you give, the more you get. at least it's true with cats!
I'm sorry for your loss of Sakura! I wish you the best in adopting a new kitty!
Maggie and Nan, thank you. Of all the cats in my past, two are still going strong at my parent's home. The others passed several years ago, (3 to old age, one to cancer,) but none were as sudden or as young as Saki.

We've set a time with the foster family for Saturday afternoon. They're a little concerned that I work too many hours and that it might be too soon to get a new pet. They also warned me that Nugget is apparently allergic to a grain. They haven't been able to narrow it down, so he's on grain free food. Fingers crossed, I've gotten very attached through the adopting process.
We met with the foster family today and it went very well! Nugget will be moving in on Friday. His foster family is bringing him and his "U-Haul" of toys, including 2 scratching posts and a kitten tunnel that he's too big for but very attached to. I already have a big tower and I bought him a window bed after seeing how much he likes birds.

I can tell this is going to be a VERY spoiled boy. :D
so happy for you golden lily!

i'm so happy Nugget will be coming home very soon! the foster family apparently realized what a GREAT mom you are going to be to him despite their initial concerns. i imagine every foster family who grows attached to a kitty is like the mom that thinks no girl is going to be good enough for her son! ha ha! i know I would be like an FBI interrogator when it came to giving up a foster i'd grown to love. wouldn't we all?

so, you go girl! spoil him rotten!!!! he deserves it. :wolfie

p.s is that a picture of sakura in your avatar?
He does deserve it! They found him begging at a bar. They bought a grilled chicken breast to feed him and when the manager saw, he threw a crate at him, poor sweetie.

The avatar is kitten Nugget, from the foster's site. I didn't get to take any of him today.

This is Sakura, getting all in my husband's way.
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what a sweet pic

sweet little sakura. always in your heart. thanks so much for the pic. so nice to put a face with the memories.

nugget is lucky to be coming into your family now. i'm sure saki's spirit will be watching over you all.:angel
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