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Hi my name is Bella and I joined this site hoping to get some help with a stray.
I have tons of animal experience (with pretty much every type of tame animal, with the exception of some types of exotics), I have worked in a kitty refuge but the thing is.. kitties are not really my thing. They don't get me nor do I get them. Except when I see a stray in the street and save her/him. That is until I met Sailor Jerry.

In my one bedroom basement apartment is myself, my fiancee, Kahlua (sprite ferret), Mojito (gib ferret) and Tequila (unaltered male chihuahua). When we first moved in it was summer time. The first day I took Tequila out to go potty I notced a big tom cat who looked like the cat on the friskies can (which is funny because the only thing he will eat is friskies cans). I didn't pay him much attention and he pretty much ignored us. This went on for a while until I saw him hunting one day and he failed 3x in a row with the same squirrel. I felt bad so I took the cat food I was going to donate to the shelter and opened a can.

He was super skiddish but after about a month of treats and food he would let us touch him. Slowly but surely he got comfortable with us. He is different from any of the many cats that I know; he eats like a raccoon, hes afraid of playing, he looks at you like he knows what your talking about.. he used to (and sometimes still) sits at the sliding glass door and watches us in the house but even if I leave it open he would only come in for a little then get bored (i guess?) and leave. For the longest time if he came in and I shut the back door he would get really scared and freak out and one time he fallowed me into the bedroom while I was doing laundry, I shut the door so the ferrets wouldnt come in (mom and dads bedrooms off limits to the kids, I just let Sailor Jerry cause he is attached to me by the hip when hes inside) as soon as I shut the door he started crying and running around jumping on things and knocking stuff over, moving at like the speed of sound. All his hair poofed out and he was just like super freaked. I opened the door and he darted out to the back door.. I didn't see him for a day after <-- this is one reason why I don't want to bring him to the shelter. Our shelters are tiny and he would be miserable in a cage all the time, he would lash out and no one would adopt him. The other reason is because I have really taken quite a liking to him. He is just different (and giant) and beautiful and.. I will never meet another cat like him. He is unique and I love him. We have grown pretty close over time.

Since its gotten cold out he wants to come inside, still, it wasn't until last night that he decided he wanted to sleep inside. I had to kick him out though because I have no litter pan (my ferrets had one but they are adoptee's and whatever happened to my sprite in her past, she does not like bedding or litter she will go throgh heck and high water to pull it out of wherever it is) plus he is unaltered, meaning he can spray (I've seen him do it outside, it is god aweful smelling) My finacee is from a country where animals live outside, always, because they 'stink'. If Sailor Jerry was to spray inside, I'm sure I would have to get rid of all my babies.

Now, so far hes been a good boy. When he decides to spend long periods of time inside he sits by the sliding glass door staring at me or crying when he has to use the bathroom. He dissapears for about 5-10 mins and then is back at the door either wanting to come in or looking for some lovins. Sometimes he goes off and I wont see him till the next day, but he always comes home eventually. As I said, our apartment is on the basement level, we back up to woods and a lake, its pretty private and he doesn't really leave the area either so I don't worry about cars and like I said he is giant.. he is like the size of a freakin cockerspaniel (he has put on some pounds since we met him). He is certainly capable of taking care of himself, when he sits to eat (which he does with his paws, like a raccoon) all you see are muscles in his big ol' arms.
So this post may seem pointless but heres my points:
I want to bring him in at least for the winter but I'm worried because 1) I don't know how I would have a litter pan in the house, 2) I don't know how to make sure he wont spray at night, especially living with an unaltered chihuahua (they get along surprisingly well btw) 3) When I let Kahlua and Mojito he gets nervous- he swated at Kahlua once but with out nails and he didnt hit her, it was just to scare her. She likes kitties, and i think that freaks him out. 4) I don't want to fix him because I peg him between 2-4 y/o and he likely has been outside the majority of his life (I dont want him to loose sence of himself and not defend his territory), he seems uncomfortable inside most of the time- usually itching to get out unless its super cold out, we think he may have been abused because he took longer to not freak out whenever my fiancee came home plus he has fangs but no other front teeth. Plus, like I said he is afraid of playing but when he is outside he seems to thoroughly enjoy a good hunt.

Neat things about him: He knows his name, He comes when I call him, (hes skiddish but) if he stops eatting because he heard a weird noise I just tell him "its ok, jercat (his nickname) keep eating baby" and he returns to eating, he waits patiently for me to open the door so he can go potty (which if I wasn't such a heavy sleeper, would make the litter pan issue dissapear), he just recently started bringing me his leftovers, jumping into my lap and digging his nails into me when he is happy (that kneading thing they do) His personality suites our family well too.

If I dont bring him in I don't know what else I can do for him. There has to be some way.. tips, advice (please dont tell me to bring him to the pound)
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