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Hi I just joined the forum today so that I can have a place to go to meet fellow cat-owners where I can receive and share information on of course our kitties!!

Let me introduce myself and sorry in advance for the long post . . .for I plan to become an active member here and want to get to know the other regulars :)

About me?
I live in San Francisco and I just recently adopted 2 cats from the Peninsula Humane Society last Saturday, May 15th.

I've had animals all my life and my last pet was my beloved 8-year old German Shepherd whom I've had since she was a puppy. In February 2003 she passed away suddenly and unexpectenly of the "silent killer" Hermangio Sarcoma Cancer. That was the hardest thing I had to go through and it still breaks my heart.

Anyway since then I've moved to the Bay Area from Hawaii and I've had no pets--my life has been a drap without an animal companion. Also I've moved to new apartment recently on May 8th and well, the new apartment doesn't allow doggies . . .which I really was thinking about getting a puppy. That's okay though, because I really don't have time for a dog right now in my life (I work way too much!!haha)

This place does allow kitties however. . . .

So one afternoon on Saturday May 15th-- after I did some shopping for the new apartment, I decided to stop by the local Humane Society to see if any kittens needed a good home. Well believe me, all the kittens found a home before I could even consider any. They had no kittens available, only adult cats.

Well, I still looked . . .then started to adore this particular cat . . .then started considering getting an adult cat as opposed to a kitten. . .

I never really thought of adopting an adult cat . . .only the cute babies crossed my "only want a puppy or kitten first-biased" mind.

Sooo . . . . I decided to "get aquainted" with the cat . . .but wait?!

He's in the cage with another cat . . .and the Humane Society volunteer says that they are a "bonded pair" and that they could only be adopted together.

Hmmmm, well . . .would be cruel to seperate a "bonded pair" right?
And they could keep eachother company while I'm at work right?

Well, longer story made short: I adopted not one--but TWO cats that day for the price of one . . .it felt so good to rescue 2 cats from the shelter.

About the Boys?
Name: Linkin and Korin
Age: Both are about 1 years old
Sex: Males
Color: Both are pure black w/ black nose & Whiskers. BIG yellow eyes!
Long or Short: Linkin has short-hair and Korin has medium hair.
Weight: Linkin is 9.5lbs and Korin is 11 lbs

They are such cute and loving kitties and it only took them only ONE day to get used to their new enviroment and us. Its amazing how fast they adjusted and it seems like I've had them all their lives.

They are such rascals and the Humane Society was right about the bonded pair thing. . . because, one of them can't do something without the other wanting to do it at the same exact time: such as--peeing, pooping, eating, drinking, scratching the post, running down the hallway. Gosh they are joined at the hip practically! But I love them already and they are so loving and very hilarious.

They are my baby boys!!

Korin Sitting Handsome

Korin's Cute Sleepy Face!!

Linkin's Big Yellow Eyes

Linkin-- My Halloween Cat!

Brother's That Stick Together . . .Lick Eachother

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They are so pretty, I love their all black coats and golden eyes. Anyways they sound like my 2 cats when I got them as little babies, they had to do everything together including using restroom right after another :lol:

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Welcome I'm new myself here! Great group of people, then again is there any doubt---THEY LOVE CATS! Your baby's are beautiful! My husband loves black cats so I'm especially assured of always having one in our kitty haven. 2 have passed but we have our blackie "Chico" in our gang of now five spoiled kittys! How wonderful and generous of you to take them both, they are blessed to have you! I share in your love for German Shepherd's too, we have a 3 year old "Hogan" and he is an absolutely unbelievable dog :!: Nice to have you aboard and enjoy this wonderful forum, it is sooooo interesting!

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What pretty kitties!

I especially love the last pic, and your caption "Brother's That Stick Together . . .Lick Each other"
I replied first to your black cat poll, but I'll say it again, I'm so glad you adopted 2 adult kitties! What a great heart.

Welcome also to the neighborhood! Hope you're enjoying SF, I'm across the bay from ya. My friend also adopted a grey kitty from the Pen. HS too! Woohoo!
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