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Hi, my name is Holly and my husband and I have three cats. The oldest (Belle and Sebastian) are 5.5 years old and are litter mates. We adopted them at 6 months old. They were born to a feral momma in our friends' field. We told our friends we would eventually adopt cats after our wedding and we got settled. Our friends caught them in live traps ready for us about a week after our honeymoon. That's technically after the wedding, right? :) So we became parents early on. But we obviously don't regret it. They are awesome cats.

Emily (4 years) came to us as a tiny kitten, found under my in-laws' porch. She was likely dropped off by someone in the area, as she was weaned (barely) and all by herself. She was very skinny and covered with fleas. We nursed her back to health and now she's a big bossy princess, but we love her.

We also have a dog (Barney, about a year old, but we're not sure since he was brought into the shelter as a stray) and a crested gecko (Ezekiel, we have no idea how old he is because we adopted him as an adult from a reptile rescue). Crested geckos can jump like a frog, so hence the username, leaping lizard. My husband and I have no human children, which is good since we're quite busy with our furry and scaly ones.

Thanks for reading!

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