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My name is Erin. I have two amazing cats.

My first one is a female brown tabby named Egyppt. She will be three years old in July. I've had her since she was about 5-6 weeks old. She is short fat cat, with a short tail. :) I rescued her from under my aunt's deck.

My second one is a female gray tabby named Dalila. She is about seven and half months old. I've had her since March 22, 2011 (she was about 6 months when I got her). I rescued her from an abandoned house. Her old owner's left her behind. :( Poor baby. I don't know as much about her yet because I've only had her about a month and a half at the moment. But I already love her so much. Plus she’s been locked up for a lot of that time I’ve had her. I had to lock her up for a week when I first got her, because the vet was scared she had an upper respiratory infection. So I had to keep her away from my other cat. And now she is locked up because she got spayed a few weeks ago and my cats play very rough and I don’t want Egyppt ripping her open. Plus Egyppt is terrified of Dalila, she is convinced Dalila is trying to kill her right now because she has an Elizabethan collar on. :) Egyppt is pretty dramatic.

But I love both of my cats SO much. They are like my children. And it's funny because they both have kinked tails. :) Egyppt it part Siamese. You couldn't tell by looking at her but I know one of her sisters and one of her brothers and if you put all their traits together, you can tell they are part Siamese. Egyppt is "the least" Siamese out of all of them. :)

If anyone has any questions about them I love talking about my animals. :) I could talk about them all day. :)
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