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Hello, I'm new to the forum and I have four kitties.

We have Peanut who is our oldest cat, she's about 6 years old now. For years it had always been just Peanut and our recently passed cat TK. TK was 10 when he passed and we had him since he was one, and Peanut from the time she was about 8 months old as well, both rescues.

About 5 months ago we rescued Cupcake and Punkin and added them to the mix. Cupcake is now 7 months old and Punkin is 8 months. TK was still around when we got them and we surprisingly found that having four cats really wasn't as difficult as we had imagined it might be. When TK passed even though we had three cats and it seemed like that should still be a full house, we felt like something was missing. So...

Just recently we also adopted a fourth cat from a kill shelter, Kit Kat. Kit Kat is about 7 months old as well, and she's a tiny little thing..she's growing a bit since we've had her though, which has been about a week now.

Well, those are my kitties and I'm glad to have found a forum of fellow cat lovers :) :santa
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