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I'm just a lover of the arts and of cats in general. Sadly, I've become allergic to cats and have been seeking a way to own a cat without being beset by horrible allergies, so I'm browsing a lot of forums and meeting new people and cats everyday!
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Hi I used to be allergic to cats, and i believed it was all cats, until I met my friends siamese. I discovered that short haired cats didnt affect me the same as long hair cats. I know keep 3 siamese, a siamese x and a short haired torti and white. these dont affect me at all. Dont give up on them and good luck finding a way to keep them as they are very rewarding pets x
I know someone who is allergic to cats,and has had a kitty at least 5 years! He takes shots about once a month. I believe there is a series of shots that can actually cure(?) allergies. But my friend Tom gets his shot,and stays for about 20 minutes to make sure there's no side-effects. Also ,cat DANDER can trigger an allergic reaction in anyone,so it may be something manageable.
also look into siberians. of course every person and cat is different, but many siberian breeders claim to have cats with low levels of the feline allergen
I'm also allergic to cats & have taken allergy injections which didn't help me. What does help is keeping the cat indoors, groomed & wiped down with a damp (water only) towel. It also helps to have a short haired cat. The cat I have now was a stray & long haired so I didn't get to choose a short hair but I groom her everyday. I also wear a mask while grooming her. Good luck!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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