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Hello everyone! I have a 7 month old calico kitten named Fiona. She recently got spayed and bounced back like nothing had ever happened.....except for chewing off 2 of her stitches within the first 48 hours!!!!! Her incision site looks fine, just a little red but it seems pretty much closed up. She's also on antibiotics twice a day. I called the vet this morning and they told me to bring her back in around 10am. She's acting completely normal, eating fine, jumping around and playing. I'm still really nervous!!!!
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She should be fine with the antibiotics. As long as the incision site is not oozing or swollen it should subside over the next week. If it remains swollen and/or if she goes off her food or playing, go back to the vet. To keep her from tearing out stitches, a baby T-shirt (cut off the top of it to make a tube) or large sock should keep her from biting at them.....but it should be slightly snug but not too tight and of a material (e.g. cotton) that breathes.
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