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I'm new to the forum (obviously) and was informed that I need to make an introduction first. Not much to tell, but I suppose I'll start off with my cats. It's kind of a running gag in my family that I am a "cat lady" as I have five cats (four of which I acquired within the span of a year).

I have a bit of a name scheme going on right now and have been following the alphabet to pick names, although I started with B & C first. Annika (1 year, 11 months old), Bianca (6 years old), Cash (1 year, 9 months old), Demi (11 months), and Emerson (8 months).

Aside from Emerson and Cash, all my cats came from the humane society. Cash was abanandoned when his was just a kitten and a friend of mine took him and his brother in before giving him to me. Emerson came from an inexperienced/part-time breeder.

Feel free to ask any questions as I'll be more than willing to answer them! :D
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