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Hello from Puerto Rico

Currently mother of 6 furry kids 3 that are 5 years old(2boys 1girl) and 3 that are 3 years old(2girls 1 boy), it's a little crazy here sometimes (who am I kidding? lol not a dull moment with this kids). All of them are fixed since they were 4 month.

Now I got 3 stray kittens that I saved from dying alone (yey) proximate age is 1 month old they eat solid and drink plenty of water, poop OK and pee OK ,so far :) I keep them in a big cage with news paper blankets and plenty of water (no food while sleeping because I live in the Caribbean and the ants will eat you up) and I cover their cage in the nights.

The kittens have a sad story but I'll go into details if someone is interest.

wanted to find other common folks that sympathize with my liking of felines.
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