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hello, I made an account as I'm a cat person and seem to have been adopted by a kitten.
she showed up at my doorstep and, as she seemed skinny and a stray, my mum got some cat food for her and we fed her some dry food, which she happily ate and stuck around for a tickle.
the next day, she was there again, mewing at the top of her voice for some more food, so again we gave her a bit of the 'brekkies' dry food and she seemed to love it.
she was there this morning again and has stayed pretty much all day. as soon as i go outside she is there, mewing for me and being affectionate. we can't let her in the house as we have guinea pigs and you know what guinea pigs and cats are like, but we have the utility room which she can stay in if she likes, she hasn't come in yet though.
I was wandering what should we do with her, should we buy all the cat basics first, check around the neighbourhood and see if she belongs to anyone? we think she's a she but we can't really tell, she has a very pale base to her fur and has tan colour stripes, bright blue eyes and i would guess about six months old.
i would not guess she's a stray, as she is very friendly but has no collar, and I think she has a sister which is slightly more shy but still welcoming herself into the garden when her sister is there.
is anyone could let me know what we could do I would be grateful- does she need a vet visit? she seems relativley healthy apart from seeming a little skinny, but she has a very keen appetite.
i decided if she's female we could call her willow, as i think its a beautiful name :jump
any help on what to do with her i would be very grateful. I have some experience with cats but not much.
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