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My name is Adelle and among my little zoo I have two gorgeous kitties who are the loves of my life! Muffin a silver tabby and his sister Rolo a torte/tabby with a bit of bengal.

They are six and ive had them since kittens.

I'm constantly worrying about them and making sure they're ok so I thought this would be a good place to be. Taken me long enough.

Hope I will enjoy my stay here.
Btw I'm female, 28, married and also own a celestial parrotlet called Pepper, a bearded dragon called Nimbus, a leopard gecko called Lettuce, various tatantulas and four rats called Scruffy, Snatchy, (unamed), (unnamed)...they're new.
I have a dog called Rosie and two goldfish called Goldie and Blondie at my rents house round the corner as I couldn't take them when I moved.
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