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Hello all. Dunnonwhy I haven't joined a cat forum before.
I am Adelle. I'm 28, married, live with a mini zoo in a flat and I live in south Wales, uk.
My interests are animals (of course), days out, coffee, drawing, reading, movies, music, games (a lot of games!), ghosts, dinosaurs, prehistoric creatures, collecting fossils, music and anything paranormal.

I have two absolutely gorgeous kitties which I've had since very young kittens and they're now 6 and they're the loves of my life! There's Muffin the silver tabby and he likes to pick fights. There's Rolo his sister, the tortie/tabby with a bit of Bengal and she likes to lie under the blanket with you and always licks all the time.

I also own a green celestial parrotlet called Pepper, a normal phase bearded dragon called Nimbus, a normal phase leopard gecko called Lettuce, various tarantulas and four rats called Scruffy, Snatchy and Pancake. The fourth one isn't named yet, as they are new.

I also own two goldfish called Goldie and Blondie and a dog called Rosie up my rents house round the corner.

I hope I enjoy my stay here :)
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