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Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. I've had few cats in my life... two who passed at age 17 and 18, and currently I have a 3yo Koa and recently adopted a feral kitten Percy.
This Percy, although he is very sweet, is the problem child... my coworker found a litter of kittens without a mama. They decided to take them in when two out of five died and the Mama cat never came. So we decided to take one.
Percy was about 6 weeks when we first got him. I started to feed him kitten milk, and he started to have diarrhea. The doctor prescribed him a medicine, and it got him constipated!!!
From then on, he was diagnosed as megacolon, and he's been through alot already.
Now he's about 3 months, and his megacolon is under control. I wanted to say thank you, that this site really helped me during his diagnosis. And I joined to share my experience for Percy.
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