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Hi my name is Andrea.

I currently have 2 cats and 1 foster cat.

I have a cat named Mystic and he lives with my parents. He is a Siberian black long haired cat and is 5 years old. I couldn't take him with me when I moved out because he loves my parents more than me.:crying:

I have another cat named Keira, I adopted her 6 months ago. She is a tuxedo cat and is extremely sweet and loves to talk.

We also have a foster cat, named Ashton. He is Siamese, he is extremely sweet also, but not to Keira. We were planning on adopting him, but we can't if things don't improve between him and Keira.

I joined the community because I am hoping to learn more on how to get my current cat and foster cat to get along.

It is nice to meet everyone!
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