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Hi! I am new here, clearly. I'm Melissa, and I'm an aspiring artist.

I have two lovely cats, both of which are about 9 years of age. K.C. (Keena's Cat, as named for an old dog of mine) turned 9 on October 8th of last year. I have had him since he was born. My other cat, Nums, is turning 9 in April of this year, and she is my boyfriend's cat. She has been living with me since we moved in together in April of last year. He has had her since she was a wee-little-baby Nums. K.C. is a big fat orange tabby, weighing in at about 11-12lbs, where as she is a little chubby Siamese, weighing in, at most, 8lbs. Maybe even smaller.

Both cats are healthy and active! :grin2: Plenty of toys and since I am home all day, I get to spend the entire day with them and my dog! On days I work, they spend the evenings with my boyfriend.

Nice to meet all of you!

I came here in hopes of finding tips and other tricks, especially on helping my two kitties get along better. (They have their issues :serious:)
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