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Hi everyone, I'm LJ, I live in Sydney Australia. I am a social worker in the family court so I'm very resilient.
Pictured here are my two fur babies, collectively known as "the ladies" beautiful Layla, the difficult one, and super cool Madeline, the easygoing one. They are aged 10 and 9 respectively and they have been with me since I rescued them from two different awful pet chain stores that have since been liquidated. When I found Madeline she was 3 months and about to be thrown in the trash. They are not friends! Madeline would love to be friends but Layla has never agreed to this. My husband and I try to make up for this by giving Madeline lots of special attention.

Layla became sick about 7 years ago and this led me on a learning journey about feline nutrition because my vet couldn't tell me what was wrong. Over time I transitioned both the ladies onto a raw diet. At first I prepared their food myself using the recipe of Dr Pierson because no raw cat food was available in Aus at that time. Thankfully now there is so they eat a mix of VIP raw mixture with all the supplements, basic raw meat, sometimes cans and the occasional store roasted chicken for treats.

I'm here because Layla seems unwell again, but I will find the appropriate place to post about that.


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