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As my user name suggests we have one to many kitties. All of whom we love deeply and we wouldn't change it for the world with how many we have.

Our first kitty came to us via my fiances aunt she had taken him in along with his siblings as kittens. He was infested with fleas and despite all the baths our boy still decided we were his people. So we named him Crowley and hes been with use for the last four years. He is the black and white kitty.

Our nest kitty came to us from craigslist. We were moving to our first apartment and Crowley was leaving my fiances aunt home away from other cats. So we knew he needed a friend. I scoured local rescues but none of the kitties caught my attention so I put an ad on craigslist. Within an hour or so I got a response about a kitten. Person sent a photo of this gorgeous solid white kitten, said he may have hearing issues and if they couldn't find him a home he would be sent outside. So he came to us and we named him Hendrix after the singer due to his loud mouth. Hendrix is 100% deaf and no questions our head kitty.

The next several cats came to us because of someone who is for lack of a better word irresponsible. She met a guy and they moved into the very first not pet friendly place they found, then started panicking about the cats. So along came Nala and her long time friend Jerry. Nala (the tabby on her back) is allergic to chicken and is the diva in our house. Jerry is the greyish kitty in the cat bed and he is super high anxiety. This girl made a promise to a person we knew that she would care for these two cats for the rest of there days. Said person is deceased and it just riled the heck out of me she tossed that promise out the window for a guy. So we took on that promise to uphold it til these seniors go to the bridge.

Harley (the tabby sharing the photo with hendrix) started out as my fiances aunt's kitty. But when she fell on hard times she gave Harley to a friend, well friend fell on hard times and now we have Harley.

Stolas aka Tiny was not planned at all. I actually found him in the road at 3 weeks old back in May right before a downpour happened. Couldn't find his momma so he came home I wasn't leaving him in the road to become a pizza. We nursed him through some goopy eyes, not to mention hand feeding him as well since he wasn't weaned. Now hes our fluffy terror. He is in the photo with Crowley.


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