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Help/Advice/Hand holding required for rescue baby kitten, please

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Just after my riding lesson last night I was chatting with a couple of the girls when they said that there was a kitten stuck in the guttering along one of the buildings. When we walked past you could hear it mewing desperately, so while my friend went to as the owner if he could get it down, I went home to get a carrier and a towel.

Poor little baby is only about 2-3 weeks old (eyes are open and ears are up, no teeth, and he only weighs 275g).

Thankfully he isn't dehydrated, and is drinking (KMR) like nobodies business.

He had his last feed of the night at about 1am, then had breakfast at 6:30am, so I'm feeling pretty knackered now!

I'm going home to feed him at lunchtime, but I think next week I'm going to have to sneak him in to work, as it takes too long to go home and come back on a lunchtime!

He now has a very comfy nest, with a soft blanket wrapped around a hot water bottle at the back, and a pad at the front, and a plushie for company.

I switched from syringe feeding to bottle feeding, but he seems to find suckling really hard work. Should I persist with the bottle feeding, and enlarge the hole in the nipple a bit, or go back to syringe feeding, so you think (he was happily taking about 10-15ml from the syringe, but struggled to take 7ml from the bottle).

I've never had a kitten this young. My other two were about 4-5 weeks old, and despite being sick, were much more robust than this little chap.

Hand holding very much appreciated :)
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You're doing awesome for someone without experience!! All I know you know too (I learned what I know from people who hand held me when I found a 1-week old kitten), so I can't contribute, just wanted to say thank you for your kindness to this beautiful kitten. I found that the hole in the teat of the bottle was a bit too small, but then you have to be very careful that it doesn't become too big if you insert something in it to make it bigger. Also, I assume you are stimulating his organs so he urinates and defecates...
For bottle feeding I found the instructions the nipples come with to be awful. Instead of trying to get one hole the exact right size cut an X instead. The plastic will open and close as the kitten sucks. You want to be able to hold the bottle upside down and have it drip one drop at a time, slowly.

At 2 weeks old he needs to be fed every 2 hours, around the clock. I switched to 3 hours at night at 3 weeks, 4 hours at night at 4 weeks, etc. Every 2 hours during the day until 5 weeks and weaning starts.

As straysmommy mentioned you need to stimulate him to potty, my preference was before and after each feeding. Use a moistened paper towel, or a cloth you dont mind sacrificing.

He's adorable! We need more pictures!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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