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We have an almost 2 year 14lb male resident cat who is very passive and non-aggressive. He is the type to hide when stressed or wary of a situation.

A week and a half ago we adopted an almost 1 year old 6lb female cat. Both cats are fixed.

We did a lot of research before adopting to make sure we introduce the cats right. Our motto has been to go slow and let the cats tell us how comfortable they are feeling.

We set the female up in our larger bathroom with everything she needs, litter, bedding, food, toys, scratching post. We had her confined to that space for 2 days days. We also did feedings on opposite sides of the door. They did not get upset smelling the other cat.

We then moved on to opening the door a crack and using a door stop and a baby gate as a second backup barrier. This is okay as well, a little hissing at times/growling, but nothing too bad.

We moved on to swapping bedding and letting each explore the others area of the house.

However, there have been times when the female cat escapes the bathroom. She has learned to bolt out or climb over the barrier. When she encounters the resident male, she may his, swat, or jump on top of him. We immediately pick her up. The male cat is non-aggressive. He trills to say hello and does not hiss. Unfortunately it seems he is beginning to fear her a little, but will still trill on the other side of the baby gate.

The still do not seem to mind each other when a barrier is up between them. They play "paws" under the baby gate. We also started taking them both to opposite sides of a long hallway and giving each treats and just getting use to sharing space.

Is this normal? Are we doing things right? Do you think the female cat will get over the aggression? She is much smaller than the male. Should we be going slower, or is it good to test out having them in the same space, but at a distance from each other?

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Hi there,

I wish I had advice for you, but the only time I had a potential to do an intro, I had no idea you were supposed to take it slow. I just parked the new cat in the room with the resident cat. They lived together for 13 years and were never friends, and ever since I learned that there's a right way to do intros, I've wondered if it would have made a difference.

So, I'm unfortunately not the right one to give any recommendations, but I hope that those - and there are many - who are good with kitty intros will see this and give you some suggestions!
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