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The cat I just adopted has some sort of gastrointestinal problem. Straight to the point, his poop smells incredibly horrible. It's so bad I have a hard time changing his litter. He also goes a lot more than an 8 pound cat should, I think?

The vet initially gave us some oral medication to clear up a diahhrea problem (worked) but it's still horrible smelling. Any ideas?

PS...this is not a joke. It's a serious question.
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It could be a bacterial superinfection. I'm a nurse and bacteria in the poop has a distinct smell (very nasty even I gag). So does blood in stool. Blood smells so nasty. I'm sure you brought this up to the vet? What did she say to do? What was his original diagnosis? Food definately could do it but it shouldn't be that untolerable. Try changing the litter more often. Do you have a weak stomach to smells as it is? Let us know the anaswer would help big time.
I'm glad to hear it's getting better. Good luck to you and your kitty!
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