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I live in London, Ontario, Canada.. please help...

Our (approx. 7 year old) domestic long haired tabby, Smokey, needs a new home.

When I first moved back into my dads house, there were some squabbles between Zaqkeri and Smokey. We figured this would happen, afterall, Smoke is the dominant cat.

Well, it stopped for a week, so we thought everything was done.. Zaq is very subserviant. Runs away, doesn't stare Smokey in the eye, he's happy to be on the lower scale of things. He's too laid back to care.

Unfortunately, he's started attacking Zaqkeri. For no reason. Zaq will be sleeping, on the floor, on a chair, in my bed next to me... and Smokey will just jump him and go straight for his neck. Zaq now had plenty of scabs and open wounds (which he's getting treated for), mostly on his neck.

We're getting desperate. Zaq is afraid to leave my room, I now have a kitty litter box/food/water in my room, so he's got everything he needs. It's just not fair for him to be confined to my room.

Smokey needs a home, and soon. We can't let this go on anymore. We've given everyone the year to adjust, but it's just gotten worse.

Smoke is a very lovely cat, otherwise.. litter trained, no accidents, friendly, even obeys commands like a dog. We're willing to give a cat box and food/water dish with him, also, a brush. He's an indoor only cat, nuetered as well (all our cats are).

Please, someone, anyone.. take Smokey, and give him a house with no other cats (a kitten, he'd be fine with), no dogs, and no small children. He doesn't like getting picked up, or fast movements.. but he'll lay beside you and let you pet him forever. I just want to know he's going to a good home, where he'll be treated like the king he is.

My dad's threatening to take him to the Humane Society (where we got him when he was a kitten), but I'm afraid he's so old, that he might be there too long and will get pts. He wouldn't deal with being stuck in a tiny metal cage. I won't let dad do this.. and it's my cat that's threatened. I just can't see Smokey ever being 'dropped off'. We love him too much.

If you can't adopt him, please ask around..

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If you're absolutely sure you want to give Smokey away, I have an idea that I've used many times when trying to give away puppies and dogs, as well as a cat or two.

Take some really cute pictures of Smokey. Try to get ones that show his personality! If you have a graphics program on your computer (like Printmaster or Printshop) it'll make it alot easier, if not, a printing shoppe will do fine.
On the flyer, list his name, gender, age, physical description, and personality description.

Be sure to list his good qualities, as well as his not-so-good qualities. But do so in a way that won't make people not want him. Since he wouldn't do well with other adult cats, say something like "Must be king of the roost. Dogs and children just won't do. A kitten may make a possible friend however." Then be sure to list his good qualities like: "Loves affection! Could be petted until his hair falls out...".

It would probably also be a good idea to say why you're giving him away. Telling people he mutilated your other poor kitty probably isn't the best idea. Just say something like "Needs a new loving home because he couldn't get along with my other house-hold cats..."

One more thing, be sure to make sure you list all his "musts": indoor only, special cat food (?), yadda yadda....

Be sure to list all your contact information so all those nice people who are interrested in him can contact you!

Also, if it makes you feel better, you can interview all your potential takers. Ask them what kind of house they live in, what other pets they have. Ask them about children, cat food, and how often they will be at home. Some people may even allow visiting rights for that "still attached" owner.

Finally, be sure to post your flyers in busy locations like grocery stores, shelters, vet offices, street posts...ETC.....

I hope you find a nice home for your kitty where he can have everything to himself! :p
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