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Help I feel like I've been a bad mommy! After reading some posts I realized that I'm not feeding my cats very good. When I first got my cats about 2 yrs ago I had them on a mix of wet food and science diet but then switched them to Purina kitten chow and stopped giving them wet food, then after they turned 1yr I went on to Cat chow and just recently started them on Purina indoor cat formula. They have an automatic feeder that I fill up about once a week. The reason I stopped giving them wet food is because I had read somewhere that wet food is bad for their teeth. Also because my hubby complained that wet food was so much more stinkier and made their poop smell worse. I asked my vet about the wet food and their teeth and he said yes that some are bad but that he gives his cats wet food but just brushes their teeth often.
What kind of food should I get that isn't very expensive or my hubby will have a fit. Also, would i be able to give them both a mix of wet and dry food or should I just completely switch to wet?

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Jazzlynn dear, nice to see that you are concerned, and there are a lot of questions you have asked. I will try to help as simply as I can, as it's late at night and I need to sleep.
Go back and read through some of the former threads about this and you will already find a lot of helpfull information.

1.) Will it give my cats bath teeth?
- Yes and No. Some cats have problems, others don't. Some feel this can be decreased by feeding dry food or treats in small portions after a helping of wet food, or just brushing their teeth daily.

2.) Wet food = Stinky Stool
- Depends on the food and the cat. Sometimes it can take a couple of months for a cat to adjust to a new food before the smell subsides. Other times all you need is to change to a different litter which better controls that smell. Other foods may not cause this problem in certain cats however.

3.) Concerned about food being expensive.
- Some foods are over priced... Some, even the best processed foods out there are not as expensive as you think. On a higher grade food, typically a cat will eat less of it in order to be filled up and get the nutritients they require on a daily basis. Thusly, this food will last longer then a lower grade food aka purina/science diet, etc. So your not waisting any money on a better brand, infact you might be saving. Not just in food quantity, but in vet bills by making your cat healtheri.

Here is a listing of some dry foods that are good brands.
- Blue (sold in PetSmart)
- Natural Balance (sold in Petco)
- Felidae
- Solid Gold
- Innova
- Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul
- Pinnacle
- Wellness
- Timberwolf Organics
- By Nature
- Newman's Own Organics
- California Natural

Here is a listing of some wet foods.
Felidae - Chicken & Lamb*
Pinnacle - Chicken & Tuna*
Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul*
PetGuard - Fish, Chicken & Liver *
Natural Balance - Ocean Fish*
Natural Balance - Ultra*
Pinnacle - Chicken & Ocean Fish*
Pinnacle - Ocean Fish*
Wellness - Chicken & Herring*
Wellness - Turkey & Salmon*
TimberWolf Organics - Omega Fish *
California Natural - Deep Water Fish & Rice *
Nature's Variety - Chicken & Turkey *
Wellness - Beef & Chicken *
Wellness - Chicken *
Wellness - Turkey *
ZuPreem - Exotic Feline *
California Natural - Chicken & Brown Rice *
California Natural - Venison & Rice *
Natural Balance - Turkey & Giblets *
TimberWolf Organics - Venison & Herbs *


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Just to add to the things Angelzoo has said.

It has been hotly debated whether or not wet food is a risk for dental disease. drjean, a vet that frequents this forum has stated that dry food does not cause significantly less tartar than wet food. Also, most cats don't even chew their dry food, so it isn't actually cleaning the teeth. No matter what food you feed, it is best to brush your kitty's teeth everyday. It is cheap, quick and easy (when you get used to it).

I've found with wet food that their poop is less stinky. Of course, I have my cats on a high quality food right now. I'm sure store brands or things like whiskas or fancy feast WOULD cause stinky poop. If you find a good food, it shouldn't be a problem.

When I think of the expense, I remind myself that I am averting expensive veterinary bills later in life. My cats (3) cost about $85 CAN to feed every month because they eat only wet food. It can be very expensive, but the best thing you can do for your cat is to feed them nutritious food because it is the building blocks of their body. I've heard several people have success with Nutro Natural. It is less expensive than many other brands but still has fairly good ingredients, definately a step up from Purina.

Here is an article that may help you decide for yourself. It really is up to you because it is your kitty :wink: .
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