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The glucose reported was normal for cats.

How are his stools? Runny? Odorous?

As your vet said, this may be some type of inflammatory bowel disease/food allergy/malassimilation/maldigestion thing going on. Viokase is digestive enzymes, which would be good if he didn't puke them every time!

I would be thinking along the lines of a hypoallergenic diet trial (lamb baby food is a good start, turkey or ham might work too). You can mix it with the Gerber baby rice cereal or barley. He could go a couple weeks on that without needing supplements, but of course it is not balanced at all.

One product I just recently found that is working in these types of cases is a blue-green algae concentrate (much stronger than spirulina or chlorella) called "BioSuperfood." To read more about this see: ... uperhealth

It detoxifies and strengthens their systems. It contains a bunch of enzymes (like about 4,000) to help digestion and metabolism. I haven't seen anything quite like it before. I just started my cats on it today. Most cats eat it fine in their food. It costs about $18 for a months supply including shipping and all that jazz. Ordering info is in the article. We don't sell it, we have our clients order from the distributor.

Dr. Jean
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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