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Help-need home for cat fast!

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I hope this is the right place for this post.

I'm trying to find a home for my mother's cat. She told me that if she doesn't find a home by Valentine's Day she's going to dump him at a shelter. (I've been over this with her and explained why it upsets me. But it has to do with my grandma's health, and obviously that is the highest priority.) I want desperately to take him myself, but it's impossible. I am sure our landlord will not let us have a cat, and besides, my housemate is deathly allergic to them.

His name is Tequila, and believe me, it suits his personality--he's fiesty. He's about four years old, fixed, had all his shots. He is an indoor-outdoor cat kept inside at night, and is on flea prevention, Revolution or something similar. He's a bit of a fattie, and is part Siamese and part tabby, I believe; he's a cream color with darkish points and pretty gray stripes.

His chances in a shelter are approximately zilch; apart from his age, his personality is not terribly marketable. He loves sleeping on my mom's bed every night, cuddling on the couch, etc., but he doesn't like to have his head or back stroked for very long or he will try to "play" with your hand using teeth and claws; he had a rough, unsocialized kittenhood. I feel he belongs with someone special who can appreciate him the way I do.

Right now he's in Half Moon Bay, between San Francisco and Santa Cruz. My boyfriend and I are willing to drive anywhere in California, or the equivilent distance, to deliver him.

I'm just hoping that someone here can help me find a place for him. If you can recommend other good cat forums or places to post this message, it would help a lot. I love this cat and sending him to a shelter would break my heart.
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