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Hello there !

I have a dilemma and I would be open to hear your opinions.

I adopted Villanelle when she was a baby, right after the 1st lockdown in Barcelona, where I live. Because I was working from home, I was constantly with her and built a strong bond.

A bit of backstory:
We moved from Spain to France to stay with my family for two months during the summer 2020. At that time she was staying indoor and we would take walks on a leash in the garden. Then we moved again in Spain, in a new place until the end of 2020. We went back to France again because uncertainty with my job in Spain, and stayed with my parents. That's when she started going out by herself in the garden. My parents have 3 french bouledogues and they live with the house open during summer (somewhat countryside area).
I recently moved back to Spain because I found a new job and moved to a new apartment. To avoid stressing Villanelle out, I left her to stay with my parents until I was settled my the apartment the job...etc. now I'm good and ready to properly welcome my cat.

My question (finally 馃槀):

I'm really looking forward to get my girl back but I'm concerned about her not taking well being taken from this little paradise where she can chill with dogs and do as she pleases.

I intend to do everything to make the transition easier. Even took a week off work to be available and give her attention when we arrive.

We've been apart for 3 months I'm worried It might be too much for her, and maybe best to let her be there where she seems to be happy. I'm conflicted.

Any thoughts ?

Thank you 馃檹

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If you have a strong bond with Villanelle, it will be OK.
I was once parted from my very special soul-mate cat for six months (long story). I was very worried about how he would be when he was brought back to me, so I set up a way for him to transition very gently and slowly, making sure that he couldn't get into anywhere dangerous if he panicked and so on. He was a very mellow guy, but I wanted to cover all the bases.

I let him out of the carrier, and he looked up, and it was as if he said "Oh! It's you again! Great. Now, where are we and what are we doing next?"
There wasn't even a transition period.
Now, as I say, that cat was the King Of Mellow. Your cat may be entirely different. But I think that if you start out with a small space for her to explore, and make an emphasis on letting her choose what she does and if she wants to be next to you, while at the same time letting her feel how glad you are to be with her again, give her her favorite foods and treats and so on, she will do just fine.

Especially the fact that you even took off work to be with her (good for you!!), I suspect that it will all go well. Cats are very adaptable when they have a good bond with a person.

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I would try it out for say a month, and see how Villanelle is by the end of that time. If she seems restless, begging to go out, meowing at the door, etc. then it would seem to me that she isn't really as happy as she was with your parents, the dogs and the garden and freedom to come and go. If she's that way, then I would return her to your parents, if they're willing, and get a new kitten who will adapt to its new surroundings. You'll have a closer bond with a kitten if you let a kitten choose you. Sit on the floor and see if the kitten will come and get in your lap, and keep coming back to you.

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If your agreement was to take her back from your parents I would say you should try. I would try it our for a few weeks and see if she adjusts okay and go from there. You can always take her back if she does not adjust. Sounds like she is pretty used to being moved around and different places so I bet she will be happy so long as she is with you.
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