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I've had my cat Sherlock for about 9 months now, and I feel bad leaving her all alone at home when I work, so I think I'd like to adopt another kitten. the question is, I don't know where to start. I got Sherlock through a friend of a coworker's, and now I want to check out some shelters, but where can I find a listing of San Jose shelters and how can I tell if a shelter's clean and well-taken care of?

I don't think introducing will be a problem because sherlock's about as tame as cats come. never hisses, spits, scratches or bites.

oh yeah, and I just wanted to make sure. 10 weeks is the earliest I should adopt, right? since when I adopted sherlock, she was already about 5 months old, I Felt like I missed out on a lot of kitten moments, so maybe I can get those from a new kitten.

anxiously awaiting your help. thanks!!
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