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Hi everyone. I'm a new member to the Cat Forum, but I have been reading here for some time. I have always found it an invaluable source of information, and I'd like to ask for opinions on a problem I'm having with my 4 year old tabby.

We adopted Munchkin last May from the SPCA, and in November she had an anal gland infection which we treated with emptying, antibiotics and a change in food to Hill's Feline R/D (at the time, the vet suspected Munchkin wasn't getting enough fibre in her diet). Also, when we adopted her she was 14.5 lbs, another possible cause according to the vet, but now she's down to almost 12 lbs. Everything was good until 3 weeks ago, when she had another bout with unusually full anal glands, which we had emptied again.

The vet saw her again last week but only one gland was half full so she left it to see how it would be in another week. Today was that follow up appointment, but we had to see a different vet. This vet looked at her teeth first, emptied the glands even though they weren't very full. He then told me that she had tartar on her back teeth, and said that she most likely had a dental infection that was infecting her anal glands when she licked her behind. So, he prescribed 50mg of Antirobe capsules twice daily for 14 days, and said he'd get me an estimate for the teeth cleaning.

Now we don't brush her teeth at home because after weeks of trying when we first adoppted her, she started to run away from us every time she saw us, so I understand that having her teeth cleaned professionaly is going to be necessary during the course of her life, but does it seem possible to anyone here that this could be the cause of Munchkin's anal gland problem? Also, is it normal to diagnose a dental infection just by a quick look at her teeth? I don't like giving my cats antibiotics unless absolutely necessary as they often upset their stomachs. I am planning to have her seen by another vet for a second opinion, but I'd also appreciate any of your thoughts on this one.

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