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Help with new kitten!!!

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We just rescued a new kitty - someoen found it outside - it still has bluish eyes but does walk around - we got some kitty formula - and fed it from a bowl - it licked it up fine - i'm wondering at this age - how often should we offer the food? I used a tissue and did the stimulation thing til it peed - but no poo - how do i get it to pooo and how often in a day? What else do I need to know HELP PLEASE!!!
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If the kitten is eating on his own and still has bluish eyes, I'd guesstimate his age at 4-6 weeks. Feed small amounts every 2-4 hrs throughout the day and evening. You can try mixing some canned kitten food with the kitten formula and see if he can lap that up, as well.

Use a warm, damp washcloth to stimulate his bowel movements. Gently rub under his tail and on his tummy with the cloth.

We just got a new kitten too a few wks ago and at the time we estimated her age at about 3 wks old. She could walk, but was still a little wobbly. She lapped the KMR (kitten formula) at first but then started to refuse to, so we bought a kitten bottle and tried that. She did really well with it and is still using it 2 wks later but only a few times per day and eats canned food 3 times per day and dry kibble is always left out for her and our other kitten, but I don't think she eats much of dry kibble yet. We have tried crushing the dry kibble and she does a bit better with it then. Good luck. Hope you new kitty does well with you!!
You could mosten a small amount of kibble either with water or with KMR. Sounds like she is doing well, though.

Thank you for rescuing the little ones.
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