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Hi there, my name is Bernadette and I have 4 unique and wonderful kitties.

Lulu is one of our 2 females and is our oldest, also the boss.
Kaida is the second oldest who wishes she was the boss... she likes her space.
Rooney is our big boy at nearly 30lbs. He's taller than most small breed dogs, like a boston terrier... but since he's been fixed he's gotten fat and lazy.
Corky is a deaf cat, and the only one we adopted as a stray. He's absolutely crazy... at almost a year old he still chases anything that moves. He's also a runt, and is only a little bigger than an average 6 month old kitten. He's all white and has blue eyes... he's the cat everyone wants... the one that will always look like a kitten.

I'll be sure to post a lot about them here, a long with ask for advice as I need it.
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