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he's a biter!

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cujo has been biting more and more lately, and i don't know how to curb this behavior. he bit my finger hard enough to break skin the other day (although just a tiny bit), while i was just sitting there eating. he tried to bite and claw me today while i was trimming his nails. he was trying to bite very hard, luckily i have a very wide, thick leather watchband and his teeth were on that instead of my arm. he was trying to claw with his back feet too, but i was wearing a sweatshirt so it didn't do much good. he tries to bite when he's hyper and crazy playful, too. he is 7 months old.

what can i do to stop his biting? today after his nail clipping i had to put him in his carrier for a time out, and he calmed down, but i really don't like this whole biting clawing freakout thing. i didn't let him get away from me while i was clipping his nails until he stopped struggling. is that good or bad? i didn't want him to think he can bite to get away.
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I can relate to a cat biting when you are in bed. I used to have a real problem with Lucas when he was about 10 weeks old. He would crawl under the covers and attack my belly. This of course was because I have a navel piercing. He would just go nuts and chew on the barbell and lick my stomach. Banning him from under the covers did the trick.
As for Cujo, maybe you need to accompany his bites with a firm no and point. My cats always understand when I use that tone of voice and point at them. Maybe displacing him from your lap to let him know that it is unacceptable behaviour might work. I'm really not sure.
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