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20 years old guy from Finland. :) Had three cats, first was given away because he didn't fit in our family (we gave him to a home without children), second cat was a stray we rescued from being put down, but he died at age 12 (we never knew his real age, but this is estimated. We had him for 6 years I think). He had a rare, incurable disease which caused bacteria to eat his intestines. A gruesome way to go, a vet put him down to save him from a world of pain when he had already lost his stomach.
Third cat we rescued because she has uncontrollable habits, which I will post about later.
I don't remember what breed the first one was, but the latter two was/is black cats with a white spot under their neck.

I look to become a more or less permanent member, as I like cats a lot and wish to learn more of them.

And a cat to finish this post: :catmilk
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