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While I am not new to cats in general I did just get my first kitten that is not a family pet, and all the decisions regarding food choice/vet care are all mine. I have been a part of a great dane forum for quite awhile now, and loved the community there and decided I needed to find one for cats as well as my knowledge on nutrition and other issues are limited in regards to cats.

Here is Ravi's story and how she came to live with me.

My sister-in-laws parents are going through a rough patch right now and their 18 year old son brought home a kitten without asking permission, and it wasn't just "I found a kitten," it was an intentional bring home from a craigslist add without asking. Needless to say the little one was NOT well received into their home. From what I've heard he had her playing around the house and left for work and then the Mom comes home, see's a strange kitten in the house, brings the kitten to his car at work and leaves her in there! It was 90 degrees and the windows were NOT down. He brings the kitten home very dehydrated, and at that point spends the night with it in the car because its not allowed in the house. So they gave him until 3:00 pm to move the kitten back out.

My sister-in-law gave me a call, and I couldn't resist the cutest face, better then bringing her to the SPCA. I was holding out until I got my great dane next summer to then bring an adopted cat in down the road when pup is grown, but I suppose doing it in reverse order won't be an issue. I had her at my parents house and she is already in love with my Mom's bulldog.

So here is my new little one: I named her Ravi which means "the sun" in Hindi. I believe it is supposed to be a male name, but I liked it, and it really suits her personality It's been about 2 days, but she is my baby already.

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