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Hey there from Georgia

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Hey there everybody :) My name is Kymmey. I am 17 years old. I recently lost my solid black female Egyptian mau mix, Kaliska. After some mending and deliberation, I finally found it was time for a new one. I will be getting a little solid black male kitty within the next two weeks. He is half bengal, half himalayan. :luv The woman who has him, his siblings and his mother calls him "Lil' Fat" because he is the largest in the litter. He is also the most explorative and is super brave!
I currently have a 2 yr old German shepherd dog who will be playing big sister to the new baby. Luckily she LOVES kittens and cats.
So here is a picture of the shepherd, my old kitty, and my new kitten with his siblings (at only a week or so old). He has been too squirmy for a newer picture to be taken, but I will post some when I get him. Thanks for reading and looking! I can't wait to talk to everyone!

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