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I joined Cat Forum because I had a question about some kitten coat colors. But here's a list of cats I have and have had:

Indoor cats:
- Sugar (RIP)
- Spice (RIP)
- Tigger (blue tabby, 8 year old diabetic)
- Simba (blue tabby, littermate to Tigger, no longer own)
- Sophie (cream tabby, 2 years old)
- Clarence (RIP due to FIP, red tabby with white)
- Five kittens that we brought inside with their barn cat momma in 2011 (one of them was clarence) all have new homes was a calico, one was a DMH tortoishell, one was a gray/brown/red tabby, and two were red tabbies with white
- Four kittens that were born to their barn cat momma in 2012 + 2 'foster' kittens from barn cat mommas who died/ is already in a new home. there's a red tabby female, a cream tabby male, two gray/red/brown tabbies, a longhair cream tabby female, and a red with white tabby female.

Indoor/outdoor cats:
- Frank (red tabby, haven't seen him since January 2011 so we assume he's dead)

Barn cats (long list!):
boys: Charlie (red tabby with white), Chester (red tabby), Spud (red tabby, haven't seen around since Memorial Day 2012 so we assume he's dead), Mean Cat (gray/brown/red tabby), Tom Cat (gray/brown/red tabby with white, haven't seen him since his son, Mean Cat, 'took over'), Newbie (gray/brown/red tabby), Fuzzy (red DMH tabby - RIP), Popeye (red tabby, RIP)

girls: Momma Kitty (red tabby), Tailless Kitty (red tabby), Cotton (red lynx point), Clover (red tabby), Gracie (gray/brown/red tabby), Sheeba (red lynx point), Oliver (red tabby)

Plus many, many kittens that have been born but didn't make it to weaning (much less a year old), so they don't have names (yes we can tell them a part ;)). Keeping the barn cats unaltered helps keep the barn cat population at a good level, since most kittens don't survive (but those that do are hardy and are super healthy looking)...they catch mice, shrews, chipmunks, birds, etc.

If I can post pictures I will be more than happy to post pictures of all the outdoor kitties plus the current litter, whose gray/red/brown tabbies I need to know what to call them! LOL
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