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Just wanted to pop in and say hi! I've been browsing this forum for about a week now and i've found *so* much information it's unbelievable. And so i decided to introduce myself and my children!

I'm 21 year old nuclear medicine tech student with 2 lovely kitties! They are 1 year old (just turned 1 this july!). Trixie is a DSH pastel calico, and Trouble is a grey male DSH. I love cats and animals of all sorts and i'm very opinionated about how animals should be treated (but very open minded when it's stuff i don't know about!).

I'll get some pictures up whenever i can get a CD from my roommate (she's got all the kitten pictures).

Looking forward to chatting it up here!

Mother of Trixie and the mischevious Trouble.
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