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My name is Ramon(really..), and have 3 cats, 2 of them I saved, one from the garbage and the other from the street. Both were dying, infections, flees, hurt, without food for days... But with help of my vet, my wife and me of course, they made it :) The third one, my wife chose, because otherwise, she also would end up in the street.. (here in Chile they don´t care so much about animals)

I usually take food with me, so whenever I see a sick or thin cat, I can give something.

Since I was born I had cats around, and I guess it became an addiction, can not live without ´m. Even though when they break all, hurt me(by accident), I love ´m, and will never be angry with one....

And me...., I am Dutch, live in Chile, married with a Chilean girl, I work at sea, have a small house in the forest, 5 minutes from the center, and my plan is to stay here in Chile.
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