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Hi Cat Friends :)

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Hello. I'm coming to this website for help. I LOVE cats, and have done my best for my not so little guy.

I have a question about my 7 yr old, male, grey & white domestic, bi-colored. He was a stray and came to me about 2+ years ago.

Basically, I'm worried that he's not able, or going to be able, to adapt to a recent change of house/home (he was an indoor/outdoor kitty -now indoor only). I'll post more details once I'm able to submit posts. I greatly appreciate this forum & would love to utilize in hopes of answering some hyper-vocalizing & litter box questions.

I've first Googled my questions and haven't really found an answer.

Thanks everyone!
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Cats are more adaptable than we give them credit for. It's great that you took in a stray.
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