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Hi everyone:
I am a new, Southern California member of cat forum. While I have enjoyed reading Cat Forum comments over the last year on a variety of topics, I failed to register since I took great pleasure in merely reading other's comments. Now that I am having an odd problem with one of my cats and seeking expert help, I immediately thought of the wise folks at cat forum.

I am the lucky guardian and caregiver of two fabulous, 10 year old, male rescue cats who have been with me since they were 6 weeks old. Mr. Baby is a 22 pound Main **** and as lovely and as mellow as they come. As I type, he sits next to my keyboard snoozing with his big paw on my left arm. My other critter is a male, orange tabby who is another sweetheart but as much a scaredy cat as ever there was and causing me some concern which I will post about under the behavior section.

I look forward to being more a participant and not just a reader now that I am a member. Best wishes to everyone. David Glendell
~"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats." - Albert Schweitzer
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