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Hi! I'm Bree I'm 21 married with a 10 year old step daughter and a 8 month old fur baby Z he's a orange and white rescue kitty, we got him when he was 10 weeks old from a shelter, he was about to be put down & I fell in love with him, so we brought him home! He's neutered and really loving but he's VERY VERY attached to me, I'm a house wife (one of the reasons I wanted him because I'm home alone a lot, babies aren't in The near future so I needed something to love lol) Z sleeps with me, sits on the couch with me, follows me in the bathroom, tries to get in the shower with me, where ever I am Z is right under my feet literally I fall over him all the time trying not to step on him, he only likes my husband sometimes, but attacks him a lot, even when my husband is trying to be loving. I hate to say it but he gets in my way while trying to clean cook ect. I try to put him in his room (with his food litter box and toys) while I get things done, but he freaks out! Meows super loud, bounces off the walls scratches the door, knocks things over an did I mention he's VERY loud, we live in an apartment and we're not even allowed to have him, so I have to let him out so people don't hear him, but I'm scared he's going to get into my cleaning stuff and get hurt. I also have an issue with him getting on my kitchen counters & also in to the trash, he doesn't do it while he's home alone, only while we're home? He also kicks his litter out EVERYWHERE, I've tried to put less in there but he still kicks it out, he also moves his food an water around everywhere, I guess he swats at it with his paws and moves it, so between the littler in the floor and the water it makes a HUGE mess. Lol
I love my kitty getting rid of him is NOT an option, but if anyone could help me with these behaviors it would make my life so much easier! Here he is in his normal in my lap, spot lol!

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