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Hi! my name is Fae and I am from Morocco. I have Five cats.

Looking forward to talking to you. i'm seeking advice on a wearisome situation.

Two of my cats yuri and gary have been suffering from stomatitis/gingivitis. they have been on and off antibiotics from different vets. i had no idea what it was or what to do. i have recently found a nice Veterinarian that really cares about animals well being and listens to us. she diagnosed them with calicivirus.

yuri's case is quite severe her full mouth is inflamed and swollen, she is very thin, she sleeps all day, dont tolerate the cats around her, i give her cooked chicken with broth. my new vet deemed full teeth extraction necessary. im fearing after the surgery her situation won't improve, im gonna feel so bad for getting her through such a drastic surgery with no recovery .

Pleaase help!!! im desperate :crying:
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