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Hi everyone,

I am going to collect first cat from a rescue centre in a weeks time. She is called Abby and is a Tortie Point Siamese. She was found abandoned and had really bad burns from the top of her head all down her back and legs. The vets think that something toxic had been poured over her. Thankfully after a long course of antibiotics and special baths the infections have completely gone and her fur has started to grow back. When I bring her home she will have been in the rescue centre for about 2 months, they have said that she isn't comfortable around other cats (which is fine as I don't have any) but she is still very playful and loves her toys. I just wanted to know if there is any do's or don'ts when getting s cat from rescue? They think she is probably a year old. I have bought her a cat tree, and the same food that she has been given at the rescue centre and also Feliway spray that is meant to reassure cats as it replicates a pheromone that is naturally produced by cats when they are content. I am not sure if it actually works but thought it would be worth a go.

Any help and advice will be much appreciated as I want her to feel comfortable and loved in her new home.

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