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Thought I would introduce my self and kitty.
Have been a cat owner for 16 years and love every minute of it. Im a registered nurse and my cat really helps me destress.
About kitty - well hes 15yr male that I got from a farm. I had another cat at the time Maxx who wanted nothing to do with this little guy but they eventually got along. I lost Maxx 2009 with kidney failure, he was 16. I miss him dearly. Stirfry has really come out of his shell since Maxx has passed on and has turned out to be so loving.

Im in desparate need of any other info. My 15 yr was diagnosed back april with Hyper T - I did the Hills y/d and he would only eat the wet food. Up til then he was eating hypo allergenic wet and dry. He started to reject the y/d so my vet decided to let him eat what ever he wants and use tapazole derm. His eating has been an ongoing battle since then. I have tried ever food under the sun from Hills a/d to Blue buffalo to Fancy feast and everything in between. I have taken him to the vet every couple of weeks and we have had blood work and everything including kidney and TSH are normal.( I had been doing subq fluids to help keep hydrated, gave him pepcid subq and appetite stims.)
So he is down to 9.6 lbs from a robust 12lb cat. I brought him to the vet monday morning cause I cant bare to watch him fail in front of my eyes.
So my vet decided to keep him and run labs and give him some IV fluids to perk him up ( so we thought) Tuesday morning he still wasnt really eating but all his labs were normal minus a slight bump in WBCs. My vet palpated him abd and it seemed tender to him. He gave him a shot of antibiotic due to the white count( my cat is extremely hard to pill)sent off a pancreatic panel and gave him a pain shot also. The tech still tried to get him to eat via syringe or off her finger with min. success( HIlls i/d). Its now wed and I went in to see him - he looks stoned - the poor little thing. He still hasnt really eaten much. He ate a little this am. So after talking, my vet gave him a shot of dexamethasone. He remains on IV fluids barring he doesnt kink it off at night as there is no one there to fix it.
We are going to see what tomorrow brings. Im tempted to try a B12 shot and put a NG feeding tube in for now and take him home. Im a registered nurse and can do what ever fluids or injections need to be done. I just want to get him over this hump but I dont know what else I can do.
Im so not ready to put him down but by sunday if he isnt better I going to have to. I cant keep letting him fail.
Any one have any other ideas?
I know my vet has been discussing this with his partners and about the only other thing I can think of is an ultrasound.

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Please go post over in Health and Nutrition. I think you'll get more people responding to your questions there. I hope you don't have to put this kitty down. What a heart break that would be.

One of the members, moderator, Doodlebug, her cat is going thru treatment for thyroid disease. Here is the thread she is discussing this on. You might want to PM her for info too.

Best of luck, I pray you get answers and some hope her for your kitty.
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