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I am the proud mommy of 5-year-old American shorthair, Mr. Anderson. This name was earned by my kitty's repeated sneak attacks while I was watching The Matrix movies. The name had already taken by the time of our first vet check-up and immunizations- when we found out Mr. Anderson is a female. lol
She is a quirky little person. Though her mother was a loud Oriental-mix, Anderson only meows when her tail is inadvertently stepped on. She prefers to communicate with chirps. She is very finicky about her food; not only can we not change brands (or even flavors), she won't eat if her dish is not sitting in its proper place. :crazy
She's just been diagnosed with feline herpes... This is the first time she's experienced oral medication. Needless to say, she hates it.
I was researching her treatment when I found this site. It looks like there's lots of good advice and fellow cat lovers here. I look forward to becoming part of this community.
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