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I'm Lilykins... (some of you may know me as bk_blue from another board :) )

We have a 6 mth old recently spayed kitten (cat?), Lily. She is the first cat we have actually owned. We had "surrogate" cats from next door who were with us for six years until they moved away. Lily was found under the house as a thin, shivering stray. She was 3 months when she pranced into our lives. She's so affectionate- if you're sitting down, she's on your lap, if you're in the kitchen, she's on the bench, if you're in bed, she's resting on your chest, and so on. :roll: :D She is just so CUTE. She is a grey tabby with the most incredible green eyes... *sigh*... I will have to put up some recent pics.

Anyway that's enough! Nice to meet you all and I hope to post all my silly cat questions here. :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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